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Aired in September 2003

Papuwa... yet more evidence that Japan is crazy comes from the fact that this is the SECOND Papuwa series. >.>

Luckily, they included a nice summary of what I assume to be the first series at the beginning of this episode! On a small southern (Japan southern, like Okinawa) island called Papuwa Island, the people are controlled by two stones, the blue stone of greed and the red stone of hope. The forces behind the two stones clashed for a long time, but finally the forces of hope won out, and put the leader of the forces of greed, Kotarou, into a deep sleep. However, four years later, something has awakened Kotarou again... He feels like he's being called back to Papuwa Island, but suddenly an army of the fish-with-legs overturn his boat and send him drifting down through the ocean... to Papuwa Island #2!

So Kotarou loses his memory and is awakened by Papuwa's (short main character boy) gang, but is scared out of his mind (rightfully) by the snail and the fish-with-legs. Liquid, who is apparently from the other world that Kotarou came from originally, and was here for the whole first series, finds out that he's Kotarou... by the fact that he has the logo of the evil ruling society from the other world on his underpants... oh, and his NAME, too. So Liquid changes it to "Rotarou" with a magic marker, and everything's fine... Except Rotarou spends the rest of the episode being alternately happy and scared to be with Papuwa and all the talking animals/monsters on the island.

Which brings us to the real question... why does Kotarou look like a girl? And why do the fish-with-manlegs and the snail sound like transgendered guys or something... And why do they keep trying to feed Kotarou to things? And WHY does this series exist? I'm afraid that these questions will just go on unanswered for now, because this is as far as I'll be pursuing this series!

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